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Exterior Pros has moved indoors, we are no longer just your exterior remodeler. We’ve vamped it up a notch to offer you more of our beautiful craftsmanship now in basements, bathrooms, flooring, interior doors and trim, and so much more! Wanting a quick face lift? Upgrade your interior doors and change the trim by converting to white or adding crown molding. Exterior Pros can transform any home. Looking to create the dream master bath or just a nice update? Trust the award winning pros at Exterior Pros.

We have created a streamlined approach for interior remodels. Instead of driving around from showroom to showroom looking at thousands of options (most people get so overwhelmed that the project never gets done), have an Exterior Pros consultant out to build your dream with you. Let us do all the leg work for you and complete your project smoothly with the industry’s best installers, all while staying on budget.

Call us today and see how we can turn your house into your dream home!


The days of your old dated bathroom are over. Exterior Pros has taken a new approach to interior remodeling. Have an Exterior Pros consultant out today, and see how we can help your house. With thousands of options, and different prices for each price, we take a different approach when it comes to interior remodels. We will show up and build your bathroom to your style and budget. Then once construction starts, you will have samples and diagrams of the entire process. Most bathroom remodels can take a month or more. Not with our proven process, and our expert installers! We finish most bathrooms in half the time and on budget. Turn your dream into a reality today.

Bathroom Remodel by Exterior Pros
Remodeled WI Bathroom | Exterior Pros

Basement Remodel

Looking to change your dark, cold basement into a beautiful spot for your family to relax? Exterior Pros can make your basement become the best part of your home. Adding a bathroom, guest room, or play room to a basement is just a phone call away. Exterior Pros will help you plan every aspect of your new basement and execute it flawlessly. Have us out today to see what we can do for you!

Basement Remodel by Exterior Pros
Remodeled WI Basement | Exterior Pros

Interior Doors, Trim, and Crown Molding

Not looking to remodel every room in your house, but want a fresh beautiful new look.? Exterior Pros can update any house with new interior doors and trim. Want an extra great look? Add beautiful custom crown molding to your home! Because of our partnership with a Wisconsin woodwork company, Exterior Pros can provide solid beautiful doors and trim, all finished off-sight and installed quickly. Don’t want people in your house for weeks staining and painting woodwork just to have an ok outcome? Have Exterior Pros out today to show you how quick and easy we can update your whole house!

Interior Services | Exterior Pros
Interior Services | Exterior Pros

Bonus Rooms

The best way to add tons of value to your home is by adding square feet. There has never been a better way than adding a bonus room above your attached or detached garage. Want a big playroom, game room, theater room, or just a guest room? Have Exterior Pros out today to make your home bigger without the huge costs of a full addition.

Bonus Room Added by Exterior Pros
Add a New Room Above Your Garage | Exterior Pros


Exterior Pros will turn your house into a home with new floors by Hallmark! Exterior Pros is changing the way you buy floors. Buying new floors is often a very painful process. Drive from showroom to showroom, looking at thousands of colors and styles, and get a price. Then finally you make a decision and when the company comes out it is always more because they are just now looking at the room and subfloor. Finally, your floor is in and the color looks totally different in your home and it just isn’t what you expected. Exterior Pros won’t do that! Have an expert out today, and he will bring the showroom to you. Our experts will inspect the floor, and let you know what is possible, and most importantly what is not. Then we will show you samples in your home, with your furniture, which is the only way to pick out colors and styles. Last we will give you an exact price! Have us out today and get the floor of your dreams!

Introducing Moderno Hardwood Flooring

Simply Fashionable, Moderno starts with dramatic color visuals equal to contemporary high end furniture. Our exclusive evolutionary Glaze Tek Poly Finish employs Hand touched color glazing for depth, movement and natural artistic visuals.

Moderno features fashionably longer 7’ board lengths, with 6” widths. Glaze Tek is up to 3 times more wear resistant than standard poly finishes. In addition to incredibly durable finish, Moderno has a 4mm multi-generational wear layer (twice as thick as our competitors). Moderno is the perfect balance of artistry and craftsmanship.

Simply Traditional

Interior Services | Exterior Pros
Silverado Hardwood Floors features stunning Birch Timber hand crafted and factory finished to create rustic texturing. Bold grain visuals and colors add to this unique species appeal. This product offers a dramatic appeal at exceptional value.

This uniquely styled, wide plank floor features a beautiful, rotary peeled, deeply hand scraped surface that dazzles the eye. The six inch width and pillowed edge of Silverado plank gives it a bold western look that is unique in the marketplace.

The warm and rich stains give Silverado its distinctive color and greatly enhance the rustic, truly heavily hand scraped plank. The continuously varied grains of this hardwood surface combined with the long length of 6 feet, a length that our competitor’s can only envy(most rotary floors are 4 feet long) and UV cured aluminum oxide coatings makes Silverado Plank stand out on the floor and captures the attention of anyone walking on it.

These features make Silverado Plank an exceptional value with maximum design impact.

Simply Better… Discover Why.

Interior Services | Exterior Pros

Simply Original

Features true North American species from the northern hardwood forest region, prized for its slow-growth hardwood timber, and smooth, tight-graining characteristics. The hardwood plank faces are hand crafted and factory finished in a warm array of natural and rich colors.

How does our floor measure up?
Seven inch-wide planks with longer random lengths up to 6 feet create expansive and timeless visuals. The competition is primarily providing random length of up to only 4 feet.

Simply Better… Discover Why.

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Simply Natural

The Ventura Hardwood Floors Collection with our NuOil Finish from Hallmark Hardwoods is finished with NuOil® which employs a revolutionary new technology. The finish has unique performance characteristics and durability that make it a great choice for someone who wants the visual character that only oil can provide. Oil finishes have been used for centuries on floors and furniture. NuOil® uses proprietary technology in the application of numerous coats of oil finish in the factory that make it the industry leader in wear-ability and stain resistance in oil finish.

Due to the unique hybrid multi-coat technology of NuOil®, it is not necessary to apply an additional coat of oil at time of installation. That can be reserved for a later date when it becomes desirable to refresh and renovate the floor.

Simply Better… Discover Why

Interior Services | Exterior Pros

Hallmark’s Luxury Vinyl Flooring Collections

Hallmark Luxury Vinyl Flooring is exceptional! The realistic wood-like flooring is perfect for both residential and commercial use. Truly a superior product that you must see for yourself to believe! Crafted with the same care and dedication to detail as Hallmark’s Hardwood flooring, but in luxury vinyl flooring. Visit a dealer near you or contact us today!